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Listen to your market

Evaluation of the current strategy

Satisfaction study

Satisfaction study is a crucial tool to raise the level of customer satisfaction. The purpose behind conducting a Satisfaction survey is to:

  1. Measure the global customer satisfaction.
  2. Understand the main factors behind a customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
  3. Identify solutions to address dissatisfactions and optimize your services.
  4. Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Track the trend on a yearly basis, to evaluate performance, and strategy.

How ?

A quantitative research: Phone call or internet satisfaction survey to measure satisfaction and detect the areas of improvement. In the analysis phase we use advanced techniques to come up with the best possible conclusions.

Notoriety & brand image study

The purpose behind the Notoriety and Brand Image study is to determine how a company is perceived among its customers and non- customers.

How ?

Quantitative survey to assess the notoriety and identify the different attributes and their importance in the eyes of the client.